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9 Engaging Content Ideas That Get Your Emails Opened and Read

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Feeling stuck? Not sure how to create emails or what to write about?

Have no fear. In this post I'll give you 9 ideas to open your creative floodgate so that you can quickly generate email messages that "Educate," "Entertain" and "Engage" your readers.  After all, these are the best types of messages that will be sure to get opened and read by those most interested in your products and services.

Consumption - (Segment: Customer) Many times customers buy products that they never actually use. This isn't good for you. You want to ensure that your customer consumes your product so that they experience the satisfaction it delivers.  Create emails thanking them for their purchase, encouraging feedback and asking them to tell their friends and families.

Replenishment - (Segment: Customer) Of course, once your product is consumed, there's a good chance your customer will want more! Jeff is the owner of a cigar shop that has doubled his business in the past two years. One of the keys to his explosive growth is a "Replenishment Campaign" that sends out reminders to active customers every 30 days to reminding them to order more cigars.

Maintenance - (Segment: Customer) My client Mark owns a shutter manufacturing company. He has created follow up messages that go out at important intervals after the purchase giving his customers cleaning and maintenance tips that keep their shutters looking great and operating in tip-top form. Does your product require any maintenance or service? How about warranty registration? Customers value messages like these because they demonstrate excellent customer service. Mark often gets reorders from customers that recently received his maintenance messages.

Reactivation - (Segment: Customer) A recent study shows that the #1 reason that customers, patients and clients stop doing business with a company is that they forget! Reactivation campaigns are "Low Hanging Fruit" that can generate quick sales.  We recently performed a reactivation campaign for a doctor that generated $22,089 worth of new services in less than 2 weeks. Build campaigns that identify "Past Customers" that you haven't heard from in a while and send them a message telling them that you miss them. Tie it in with an offer and a strong call to action for even better success.

Upsells & Cross Sells - (Segment: Customer) Here's more "Low Hanging Fruit" that will generate quick sales for you. Simply recommend complimentary products to your customers that add value or provide the next step to what your customers have already bought.  Consumers like to do business with companies that they "Know, Like and Trust" and will reward you with even more business if you simply tell them what to do next.

Interesting Features - (Segment: Prospect) Once you've identified a prospect, show them interesting features about your product. What makes you different from the competition? How do you go the extra mile? Most importantly, make sure to explain how each feature benefits them.  Here's a script that works every time: "Our product has (feature) which is important so that you (benefit).

Interesting Usage - (Segment: Prospect and Customer) Sometimes the best uses aren't the most obvious. Do you have examples of interesting usage, or demonstrations of unique ways that customers enjoyed your products?

Case Studies and Testimonials - (Segment: Prospect and Customer) Nothing provides more credibility than 3rd party recommendations. Create email messages for customers that encourage them to submit case studies and testimonials to you. Use these case studies and testimonials in email messages to your prospects.

Videos - Videos are extremely engaging and will often get your readers to pay close attention to your message. Give links in your emails to videos and track which readers are watching those videos. You can make videos about just about every subject in this post and more. One company I know makes "Didja Know" videos which are very quick videos answering the most frequently asked questions about his company. Each video is less than 3 minutes long and his customers love them. He's made about 20 of them and adds a couple more each month. Each time he creates a video, he adds an email to his campaign giving him another opportunity to "Educate," "Entertain" and "Engage" his customers and prospects.

In my training video "Copywriting Tips, Tricks and Strategies of the Pros" I go over these topics and even give you a "Professional Copywriting Formula" that you can use as a template for every email you write.

Photo by Jonno Witts - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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