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The Latest on LeadOutcome 2.0

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I’m sure many of you have noticed that there have been a few glitches in the latest version of LeadOutcome. These can range from little annoyances to downright frustrations! We understand, and are here to clarify why this is happening and our plan of action to resolve these issues.


First, let’s talk briefly about the most underlying issue of why this is happening: we are currently in beta as a release candidate. If you’re not sure what that is, Wikipedia has a detailed article about what the software release cycle entails. Check out the graphic to quickly grasp the concept:



Seeing as we are in the ‘release candidate’ stage means the software is capable of handling most functions, however it doesn’t mean it is in perfect condition. Software in beta generally means there will be more bugs than in completed software. In addition, you may notice some speed and/or performance issues which can cause some of the issues we’ve been seeing.


Fear not though: we hear your frustrations!


You should have received an email detailing our maintenance window on September 2nd, from 8p-10p EST. This window is to allow us to deploy updated code to help resolve these issues you’ve reported. In the spirit of transparency, here is the list of open, known major issues we are working to fix:

  • Campaign emails (Day 0) not sending upon form submission.

  • 1-Click emails not sending/scheduling upon form submission.

  • Using the CC function in forms to copy a specified email address when an email sends to your leads after submitting the form.

  • Duplicate campaign emails sending if campaigns are assigned twice or leads click the submit button twice

  • Inability to edit purchased Marketing Websites.

  • Inability to add custom fields to forms.


These issues are being addressed. Instead of pushing out a mess of code that could potentially break other parts of LeadOutcome, we are developing the code and putting it through a testing environment. After thorough testing and knowing that the issues have been addressed and that they are not interfering with other functions, they will be deployed. This is what our upcoming maintenance window is intended for.


But let’s recap what has been resolved, because it’s also important to point out the positives:

  • Sending 1-Click emails immediately. Previously, if you opted to test the email first, the email would not send to your selected leads causing confusion, as the leads were certainly selected. Now, after testing, testing, and more testing, you can send those 1-Click emails after sending a test email and that email will send.

  • Sending scheduled 1-Click emails. Previously, if you wanted to send yourself a test email first, the email would not send to your selected leads, causing confusion, as the leads were certainly selected. Just like sending 1-Click emails immediately, this is no longer an issue.

  • Custom Reply-To / Send From addresses on 1-Click emails. Previously, if you attempted to send an email from a custom address, it would still show as coming from LeadOutcome. Now, custom reply information is perfectly displayed to your leads via email as it should.

  • Unsubscribe occasionally leading to a “Yikes” message. In limited circumstances, the unsubscribe action would show leads a “Yikes” message after clicking the unsubscribe button. It didn’t unsubscribe those leads which lead to added frustration. This has now been resolved.

  • Affiliate information not displaying on affiliate website. Previously, if you entered an updated Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile, this information may not have been reflected on your website. If removed, the link would stay on your affiliate website. Now, changes are accurately saved and reflected on your affiliate site.


So as you can see, we are making progress! We sincerely thank you for your patience with us while we work out the kinks in 2.0. We are really excited about the product and what lies ahead and hope that you are too. You can always email or give us a ring at 1-866-809-8033 if you’re having trouble, but we are aware of the issues listed above and assure you that we are making these issues a priority, because you being productive in LeadOutcome means everything to us. Please don’t hesitate to pass along feedback via the Feedback link within your account, or sending us an email.

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