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Unveiling Follow Up for Life 3.0! -- Webinar

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We are so excited that we are finally unveiling Follow Up for Life 3.0!   Check it out below and see all the new features in this amazing automated sales funnel.  It takes marketing automation to whole new level!

This Thursay's Webinar will be all about Follow Up for Life.  So if you today have not automated your follow up or would like to learn more about it, come to our webinar.

Thursday 1:00pm ET
WHERE: GoToWebinar - Register Today!
TOPIC: Release of Follow Up for Life 3.0
WHO: You, Me, and Steffany


What you can expect to learn:


  • What this campaign kit is all about.
  • Is it right for you?  Do you need it?
  • What are the new features?
  • See real life examples of leads going from cold,warm, hot to converting to customers.
Hope you can make it.  Let me know if you have any questions.



Discover the Ultimate Follow Up for Life v3.0

LeadOutcome is excited to announce the release of the Ultimate Follow Up for Life v3.0 campaign kit.  The new release is packed full of incredible new automation features.  Check it out!

New Quarterly Follow Up for Life

Now on our 3rd release, the new Quarterly Follow Up for Life campaign is more powerful than ever. All new messaging that has been tuned based on results from thousands of leads.  Check out my results from last week.  Hundreds of high quality leads responding to me.  We can do this for you!

See live many leads this kit generated in a week

New Inbox Monitoring Service

This is so cool!  Simply log in to your inbox through the FFL Inbox Monitoring Service and watch the magic happen. LeadOutcome will scan through all your emails from the past, extract any prospects it finds, and create the leads in LeadOutcome for you.  

Supports gmail, outlook, yahoo, hotmail, aol, and all other major email service providers

It gets even better!  With the FFL Inbox Monitoring Service in place, from now on and moving forward, anytime you receive an email, LeadOutcome will automatically look for qualified prospects and import them into LeadOutcome and put them on the Quarterly Follow Up for Life Campaign.


New Auto-Unsubscribe

 Now that FFL is monitoring your inbox, we now know when your lead responds to you and will auto-unsubscribe them from the 14 Day Warm Up Campaign.  This means you no longer have to unsubscribe your leads manually from the 14 Day Appointment Campaign when they respond back to you to have a meeting!  In addition, we also record their response in the lead history as well.

New Top 10 Leads

Not sure where your golden needles are in your lead haystack? Check out your Dashboard and you will see your top 10 leads just 1-click away.    

Your top 10 leads

 Latest Lead Activity

Curious what your lead's latest activities are?  Check out your Dashboard and you will see your Latest Lead Activity just 1-click away.    

Your latest lead activity

New 4-Step Setup Wizard

Includes a new 4-Step Setup Wizard that will walk your through every step as you automate your follow up from the past and with everyone in the future, in just 10 minutes.

New Weekly Campaign Progress Report

Includes a weekly summary report to help you understand what all the FFL Campaign kit has accomplished for you this week.

Come Join Us!

WHEN: Thursday 1:00pm EST
WHERE: GoToWebinar - Register Today!
TOPIC: Release of Follow Up for Life 3.0
WHO: You, Me, and Steffany



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