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What to ask on your Lead Capture forms and using these forms with LeadPages

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If you have a LeadOutcome account and a LeadPages account, using the two together is seamless! The most important piece of this is creating your form. Your form is the bridge that connects you with your suspect or prospect. Without them filling out any form on your website, you really don’t know much about them or how you can help them. Generating a simple form is easy and helps you accomplish this goal. If you’re not sure how to create a form, you should probably check out the Help section within LeadOutcome. There are articles and videos on how to accomplish this, so you can learn in the preference that suits you best! Here you can preview a short introduction on how to use LeadOutcome forms with LeadPages.

Lead Capture forms with LeadPages

Some things to keep in mind when generating your form:
  • Use qualifying questions. Qualifying questions allow you to identify those suspects or prospects that are ready, willing and able to convert with you and become a customer. Keep in mind though that even if a prospect doesn't yet answer a qualifying question doesn't necessarily mean they aren't interested. We will go over qualifying questions shortly.
  • Ask key questions without seeming creepy. Ask questions about what their budget is, but know when this is appropriate. If your form is a form higher in your marketing/sales funnel, you may want to avoid this (unless this truly is a critical qualifying question). We will look at a few examples in a bit.
  • Follow up with your hot leads. After you’ve created your form, you should lead your prospects to a thank you page. This page should have another form where you have a longer form that asks more detailed, personal questions about your prospect. Regardless if your prospect fills out this ‘ready, willing and able’ form or not, you should always follow up with those prospects to begin that nurturing process. Simply because they don’t fill out the secondary form doesn’t mean they’re not interested!

What are some qualifying questions I should ask?

Every type of business has their own series of qualifying questions. If you’re a dentist, you may ask if the prospect has ever had major dental work done in the past as a higher-up-the-funnel question. As a further qualifying question, if they’ve already responded to the first, you could ask how much they spent total on their dental work. This wouldn’t be an ideal question to ask right off the bat; it can be off-putting for a business to immediately start asking questions about how much was spent on a procedure without yet building that trust between the two parties.

Let’s look at a travel agent’s potential qualifying questions. Some higher level questions could be ‘Where are you looking to vacation?’ where the respondent selects from a number of potential destinations. Further down the funnel they could ask ‘What is your travel budget?’ A prospect answering this question is more ready, willing and able to work with you than if they only answer where they are looking to vacation.

I hope you get the gist of this. It’s fairly simple but it requires examining what you want to know about your suspects and prospects, and ordering those questions in a way that lets you know that they are ready, willing and able. These are then the prospects you want to go after.

What are some creepy questions I should avoid?

I’m sure we could all come up with a huge list of questions we wouldn’t want to be asked or ask our prospects, but even some seemingly subtle questions can come across as creepy. For example, if you went on a party planning website and were asked ‘How many children do you have?’ but the party planning website wasn’t specific to parties for children, this may be off-putting and you’d question why they need to know that information. 

Similarly, you probably wouldn’t ask what someone’s marital situation is if you are a home decorator (at least not right off the bat), but you probably would if you were a tax attorney.

Keep in mind who your audience is and only ask questions that allow you to further qualify your leads to find those that are ready, willing and able.

Circling back to using LeadOutcome Lead Capture Forms with LeadPages, knowing what, when and how to ask is a huge first step in getting your LeadPages squeeze page working for you. There are other factors at play that lead to better converting pages, such as page design, form location, content that lead to the landing page, images that appear on the page, etc. but asking the right questions is what gets you conversions. If you don't have a LeadPages account, don't fret. You can still creating high quality converting landing pages directly within LeadOutcome! LeadPages is just another platform that we work seemlessly with, but don't feel like you're out in the cold if you don't have one.

If you missed out on Steve Rosenbaum’s latest webinar, Prospecting the way it should be, I highly urge you to check it out. If you don’t have a LeadOutcome account, sign up for a free 30-day trial. You’ll get all the training you need, and it isn’t just product training. Steve’s Success Path will help you with your marketing efforts too! Check it out now!

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