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Why isn't my email saving properly?

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Why isn't my email saving properly?
The WYSIWYG (which stands for 'What You See Is What You Get') editor, like many other WYSIWYG editors out there, may not properly parse text that is copied & pasted from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages.

These types of programs use rich text to apply different styling; this rich text uses hidden HTML to render this styling. Styling such as bolded font, italics or underline, in addition to bullet points, numered lists, and even quotes bring styling (HTML) with it. Quotes in these word processors, especially in Word, change from standard quotes to smart quotes. These smart quotes are not translatable in plain text and render as very strange characters, if they render at all. (Smart quotes are the quotes (") that orient to the nearest character, bending right at the beginning of a quoted statement, and bending left at the end of a quoted statement.)

When you paste this copied content into the WYSIWYG editor, it pastes that html with it and can cause very strange things to happen within your email. The best practice is to always paste from plain text (such as Notepad or Text Edit) - not from rich text - and apply the styling in the editor. This will save you from having to make extra edits to fix the problems, or from having to contact support to help you remove the HTML styling which can delay your email getting out.

Similarly, if you copy from a word processor content that has quotes, especially from Word, you are attempting to paste smart quotes which are not translatable in the subject/title area, as this area does not support HTML. You will have problems saving if you attempt to paste smart quotes into the subject or title of your email.

If you are still unsure of why your email is saving or rendering oddly, or if it simply won't save, please call us at 1-866-809-8033 or send us an email at and we will try to figure out what we can to solve this issue for you. We may request that you provide the source code of the email if necessary (in the even the email won't save)
*The source code icon can be found at the top left of your email and appears like: < > .
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