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Searches and Saved Lists

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Searches and Saved Lists
You have two basic ways to search contacts: using basic or advanced search. Basic allows you to quickly find leads based on a certain search term; advanced search allows you to filter contacts based on multiple sets of criteria and save this search as a list for future use.

To do a basic search (e.g., looking for specific lead or searching by a single term), type in the term and click search icon. Clear search by clicking counterclockwise arrow. Advanced search allows you to use multiple filters to find lists based on more advanced criteria.

Lists (aka Saved Searches) appear in the Filter by List drop down in Manage Leads.
  • Click the advanced search icon. Here you can edit existing lists or create a new list.
  • Select field to search (e.g., category), choose operator (e.g., equals, not equal to, greater than, less than, etc.), select value
  • Click Add term (applies OR logic) to choose one value or another
  • Click ‘add search criteria’ to apply AND logic
  • (e.g., category | equals | widget AND history | equals | register now)
  • Continue adding search criteria and apply new filters
  • Click Save as List to save the search OR Perform Search to simply perform the search without saving.
  • Save as list > Name list > Click save. This applies your search upon saving.
  • Appears in Filter by List drop down
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