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LeadOutcome Email/SPAM Policies

In order for you to get the most out of your new marketing system, it is important that LeadOutcome understands and follows industry standards and guidelines for email marketing.  By us using best practices and following the processes and procedures outlined in this agreement, we will achieve better email delivery rates.  The "delivery rate" refers to the major email providers choosing to accept email from us and not categorizing us a system that delivers spam.

The #1 rule you must adopt:


As a LeadOutcome Member, you may not:
  • Purchase Email Lists (whether they are opt-in or not)
  • Harvest emails from web sites
  • Have a opt-in form that subscribes leads to an unrelated list
  • Add an email address into your Lead Management list without the subscriber's permission
  • Send email someone who has requested to be removed from your list

How do I know if a lead has "opted in"?
  1. A lead has entered their contact information through one of your marketing sites
  2. You enter the lead manually through the Warm Market Lead Wizard and have confirmed their permission to be contacted*
  3. You import your personal and business contacts through the lead through the Contact Import Wizard.  This will allow you to import contacts from the popular mail ISPs like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., or from social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  4. You purchase the lead through the LeadOutcome store
  5. A lead is transferred to you from another member of your team

How LeadOutcome enforces its Zero Tolerance Policy for Spam. LeadOutcome Zero Tolerance Spam Policy includes, but is not limited to:
  • By default Pro Members are limited to 5k leads, Premier Members are limited 10k leads.
  • All large lists are monitored.  This includes a review of the list source, list age, collection methods, and confirmation practices before emails can be sent outbound.
  • All outbound email is DKIM signed to enable ISPs to easily identify email coming from leadoutcome.
  • On a given email blast if more than 5 emails are marked as spam, the users email services are automatically suspended and their campaigns stopped.
  • Out staff reviews each messages sent to more than 10000 recipients and either will approve or reject it.
  • We provide our members with Anti SPAM email validating tools so they can eliminate words common to unsolicited emails and learn best practices for sending emails.
  • Each member is required to accept the following statement prior to each send: "I certify with my initials that all recipients granted their permission to be sent this message."
  • We store every email every that is sent through the system.
  • Each outbound email header is marked with unique key that identifies the member that sent the email, the source email template.  This audit is used to quickly identify potential spam users.
  • Auto blacklisting of emails.  The full life cycle for each outbound email message is monitored and tracked by leadoutcome.  Hard Bounced emails are automatically blacklisted to prevent future abuse.  Soft Bounced Emails use a combination of our lead tracking and scoring technology and a aging process to promote soft bounces into a black listed email.
  • Our members have the ability to manually blacklist emails themselves.
  • Any email blast being sent out to more than 5 users will automatically be included in our ISP email seed list to ensure deliverability and for proactive scanning of spam users
  • Every email, contains a mandatory unsubscribe/opt-out link at the bottom of the message. This unsubscribe link cannot be removed.
  • Every email, contains a mandatory physicall address with phone number to help identify the author of the message and to enable subscribers to provide an alternative method for reporting spam.

IMPORTANT:  Adding email addresses and sending emails to people who have not given you permission to send them email will result in immediate suspension or termination of your account. Additional fines and legal actions may be taken. Please refer to the terms and conditions for being a LeadOutcome member.
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